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To increase delivery time flexibility and drastically reduce independence from sub-suppliers, we have invested in our machine park by adding several large CNC machines. Since November 2014 we have been using a 4-axis horizontal machining centre for the machining of critical forged components for our desuperheaters as well as steam conditioning and turbine bypass valves.

Furthermore, in March 2015 we put a large milling centre into service which adds additional capabilities to our in-house production.

In order to reduce delivery times and increase long-time performance and durability of our critical valves we now use Grade 1.5415 material up to 400°C and Grade 1.7383 up to 550°C for max. 4" flanges at cl. 1500. For these pressure-containing parts we now have a standard stock of pre-machined forgings. This allows us to reduce the delivery time to 8 weeks. Valves from other materials, such as F91 and F92 are still usually available in 12-14 weeks.



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